I Got An Answer



Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post, entitled, ‘More Property Damage.’

For the fourth time in a row, I had a hole punched in the radiator hose of my car.  When that happens, antifreeze spurts out all over the hot engine and smoke comes out of everywhere.  And what I was being charged to keep repairing this was more stressful than the actual problem.  

Finally, I’d had enough and sent the Maywood Police Chief, Commanding Officer Vladimir Talley an email detailing the damage and the charges.

But, I could not figure out how the person or persons were gaining entry into my car.  I went to bed one night, after having to leave my car in the garage at work because it was smoking too much to get it home, wondering how the perpetrators were getting in since I don’t leave my car doors unlocked.

I had left the TV on that night and I woke about four in the morning to a commercial.  And the commercial was showing just how easy it is for someone to get into your car using a Slim Jim.  I had completely forgotten all about this little device that I’d been led to believe was only available to the Police.

So, in the middle of the night, God provided an answer to my question.  “Ask and you shall receive.”  Unless, of course that thing will cause you more harm than good.  Ask wisely.

What I’m asking now is for the citizens in my community to call or email Chief Talley with the names and addresses of my stalkers because, as you know, the Police don’t know anything about what’s going on.  Don’t take the Law into your hands just give our Chief of Police an earful.


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