I Know Why

This is the first post I’ve written for this blog in about two weeks.  After my last post entitle, ‘A Few Pointers’, a little matter came up which I felt needed my full attention.  And, I gave it so.

The reason I did that was because I am getting older, and I no longer pay much attention to my stalkers.  And I know they are missing the high they used to get over my struggling to figure out WHY?

The plain and simple truth is that I actually have all the answers to WHY.

It came one day when I was about fifty years old, after years of trying to get someone to help me.   And it was delivered by the U.S. Post Office.

It wasn’t very long and it wasn’t very difficult to understand.   And for a long time afterwards, and still sometimes, like now, as I sit here typing, I cry over it.

This letter was important, because at the time, I’d tried every avenue in Cook County that I could to obtain some relief from being STALKED.

I had tried the local police several times, from 1991 up until 2001.   I even fought off my depression over getting this letter and went back to the Maywood Police in 2005, 2006, 2007, and would have gone back again in 2008, but I was ill and by the time I recovered, I’d gotten a job at Rush University Medical Center).

I also tried Johnny Cochran, The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, The Illinois State Police, The Illinois State’s Attorney, who wrote back and said to first try The Cook County State’s Attorney.    And on and on.   Until I received the letter below.

State Of Illinois
Jim Ryan
Attorney General

December 26, 2001

Ms. Eliza Ankum
Maywood, IL  60153

Dear Ms. Ankum

The Attorney General’s Office has received your letter dated August 6, 2001.  Your letter along with any supporting materials have been reviewed by an attorney.

After a careful review of your allegations, it is our decision that the proper prosecuting agency to investigate and prosecute your case is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.  You may reach them at 2650 S. California Ave. Chicago, IL  60608.  Their telephone number is 312-603-5440.

No further communications from our office regarding this matter will be forthcoming.


Doug J. Simpson
Chief, Criminal Enforcement Division

After I stopped fighting, I came to realize that I was not the problem.  That in all actuality, it was about the stalkers’ need to scream.  It was their vent, it was their high, it was their means of getting off sexually.  It was all about them.

And Illinois had made up its minds to allow it.  And that’s the WHY of it.

And the only other thing I’m thinking is that Illinois didn’t fully think that decision through.

I think that more and more as I see the violence in Chicago escalating despite all efforts to control it and the town of Maywood dying.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d show you the letter from a Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith & Montgomery LLC, which came right before Jim Ryan’s.

                       Cochran, Cherry, Given
Smith & Montgomery, L.L.C.

One North LaSalle Street * Suite 2450
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 977-0200 * Fax (312) 977-0209

December 10, 2001

Ms. Eliza D. Ankum
Maywood, IL  60153

Dear Ms. Ankum

After review of your situation, we regret we cannot represent you in your potential claim.  At this time, we are focusing our practice on cases involving catastrophic permanent personal injuries and death.

Thank you for considering the firm of Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith & Montgomery, L.L.C. Chicago office.  We hope you may consider us in the future if you or your family are in need our services.

Very truly yours,

James D. Montgomery


Enclosure:  Your documents sent to us

P.S.  After awhile, I just became numb to all the screaming.









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