What Type of People Are Being Stalked Like Me


Let me ask you something.

Would you, deliberately, raise your children to be liars, criminals, arsonists, rapists, child molesters, stalkers, to invade other people’s privacy, damage or destroy other people’s property, and perverted in ways most people could never imagine?

The grownups, who started stalking me when I was 5 years old, did just that.

Back before I started writing my book, STALKED! By Voices, I thought sure that I’d done something – although I didn’t know what – to get these people angry at me.  And so, I accepted the constant criticism and was always on my best behavior fearing that I might, through my ignorant behavior, upset more people.

But, after writing the book, I realized it wasn’t me who was causing the trouble.  That’s when I went looking for answers.   I found them.*  However, it took me a long time to accept what I found, because I didn’t feel that I fit into the category of the types of people that these ‘beings’ (I don’t really call them people because most of the time they don’t behave like human beings, but like animals on the hunt) normally go after.

Below, is a list of the type of people they stalk. The most famous two on the list are:

Nobel Prize winner, John Nash.  You know him as the man Russell Crow played in the movie, A Beautiful Mind.  Notice how pale he had become (skin and hair almost the same color.  That’s important!)


Socrates spoke of hearing the voice of his personal spirit or daimonion

This picture shows Socrates teaching his favorite student, Alcibiades (who was a significant figure in Greek history), and Socrates Daimonion (demon angel) whispering in Socrates’ ear.

The OED writes that daimonion is simply an alternate spelling for demon.  However, Wikipedia writes that the two are subtly different: In this sense, a demon is solely a bad spirit. A daimonion, on the other hand, is good.

He told his students and admirers,

“You have often heard me speak of an oracle or sign which comes to me …. This sign I have had ever since I was a child.   The sign is a voice which comes to me and always forbids me to do something which I am going to do, but never commands me to do anything, and this is what stands in the way of my being a politician.”

That thing, that daimonion, that Imaginary Mary had attached itself to Socrates when he was a child and made all of the major decisions of his life.

Famous People Who Hear Voices

Gensis 6:1-2  I believe that mixing of angel and human DNA resulted in what we call seers, psychics, jinn, and remote viewers, today.

Eliza D. Ankum






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