My Questions To The Maywood Police


Published December 30, 2013

I’d like to ask the Maywood Police this: 

And I’m going to start this question, not from November 1976, but from November 1991, when I came back to Maywood, Illinois from New Orleans, Louisiana to get away from the stalkers. Continue reading


Bringing Up Your Past and Repetitionitis

This morning, I sat in my step-mother’s living room (after driving her to Church) listening to Joel Osteen’s Sunday morning sermon, since I no longer feel comfortable sitting in an actual Church because of the stalker’s screaming. Continue reading

T. D. Jakes’ Blind Spot

I thought I’d share this sermon, first of all because God asked me to;  I’ve been hearing T. D. Jakes since last week.

And because in this sermon Bishop Jakes speaks about how I feel and felt about the Church I previously attended and about some of my family members.

I know the Maywood Police are wondering how can you still go there to help her, when she was one of the ones who gave us so much wrong information.

And the answer is, it’s the right thing to do.   But, I always keep in mind who I’m dealing with.

And also, I tested the waters last week, by wearing some of my best casual clothes, to see if this new ‘quietness’ had any depth to it all.  I needed to know that before I went back to Church.

It doesn’t.  It’s all because you guys (The Police Department and the Village of Maywood) don’t want to compensate me for all the years you did nothing.

So, this sermon is for you.

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Hurt people, hurt people.