What Am I To Think?

I sent the email below to Maywood Police Chieff Talley and Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins because I sincerely believe all that screaming and hollering being done by the family stalking me has a direct affect on some of the violence and shootings being don in Chicago and here in Maywood. (I have gone on record as saying that I believe there is a lot of interaction between Black folks living in Maywood and Chicago.  And they’ve heard all about what’s going on here.  Which only adds to their disrespect for the Police.)

I think allowing the family stalking me to continue screaming obscenities the way they are doing, not only shows disrespect for me, but also of The Law, The Maywood Community as a whole, and also of Black women.

I also think that it’s disrespectful of the LGBT community.  Because, while I’m not prejudice against Gay and Lesbian individuals, I do think a 40 year long stalking siege is a bit of an overkill for a simple, polite answer of, “No.  I don’t want to have sex with you.  Because, I’m not gay.”  

I will say this though.  She definitely made sure I didn’t get it from anyone else.  That she did very well, indeed.

Mon, Aug 3 at 12:31 PM
Dear Chief Talley,
I am earnestly asking that, if possible, you and Mayor Perkins try and keep the family stalking me from doing all that screaming and hollering for another week.
As I predicted, stopping them from screaming 24/7/365 has affected Chicago’s shootings.    They’ve been quiet for a week and a half and the shootings have dropped from 58 shootings over the weekend, down to 33.
And, yes, I know how ridiculous you think that sounds.  But, consider when Trump was telling America that the COVID-19 Virus over in Wuhan, China would not affect us here in America.  And yet it did.
The same holds true of that family’s shameful disrespect for the Law and this Village.   And you and I both know how armed the people on 11th are because they are afraid the Police won’t come and help them, because you’re NOT helping me.  And that fear has spread to other places, cities, towns, and communities.
I really think it needs to STOP.   It’s not worth the price.
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9 year old Janari Andre Ricks

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Public Humiliation Of A Nobody


Being Stalked.  If you’d asked me, and you probably won’t, I’d say that the hardest thing, for me to wrap my head around, has not been being stalked – by people with the ability to read minds – is that regular ordinary everyday people would believe that publicly humiliating me was and is a good idea. Continue reading

Why I prayed For God Not To Let Go Of My Hand

Why had I prayed, Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand.

When I was forced out of Exxon, because of the stalkers, I knew, eventually, that I’d have to return to Maywood, Illinois and live with my stepmother, again.

I knew this because my efforts at finding another job was being hampered by the stalkers.  They’d show up at my jog interview or when I’d get a new job, at the new location and scream and carry on even louder and more profane than they’d done at Exxon.

The stalkers had two goals in mind with this behavior.

First, during my ten year (1981 – 1991) employment with Exxon, I’d gotten my act together, lost a lot of weight, bought a great wardrobe, and I’d met a man; a single rich marriageable man.  And, of course, they couldn’t allow that.

Because if that had happened, I’d never have to return to Maywood and live with my stepmother, again.

That’s when the pandemonium started.  It ended as it always did, in Maywood and Chicago, with my losing my job.

Going back was going back to Maywood, Illinois, their home ground where they were well established and venerated.

But, I prayed – Hard – that if I had to go back, I’d go back with the sole purpose of exposing the stalkers and taking from them, as they had taken from me, that which they cherished the most.  For me, it was marriage and home.  For them, The Game.

For them, The Game is everything.  They will lie, cheat, steal, murder, assault, and sell their first born in order to play, The Game.

Truth does not matter.  Reputation does not matter.  Neither does the sanctity of the home.  And especially not the sanctity of the Church.   The only thing that matters, is The Game.

No matter where these daemon psychic people exist on Earth, they play The Game the same way.    Now, I know a lot of you out there don’t believe in a daemon and I understand that.  But try and think of them as psychopaths who can read your mind.  That’s what I’m dealing with.

They first present themselves to the victim, usually a young child, as a friendly playmate.   And to the parents of the child/victim as a friendly concerned helpful neighbor.

As the child gets older and develops more of their own personality, is when the violence (yes, psychics can hurt you physically.  Your mind is what controls your body’s pain and they’re in your mind) and sexual defilement (putting obscene thoughts or images in the child’s mind or giving the child the feeling of actually being touched) of the child begins.

If the child resists, they go deeper in and start forcing the child, usually a teen by now, into simulating the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia.

That’s not to say real schizophrenia doesn’t exist, because I’m sure it does, but the true meaning of schizophrenia is ‘two minds’ in one body.

Now, a variable of The Game, is to get the victim to go searching for help, usually from a trusted family member or, as in my case, The Police.

However, that usually doesn’t end up well.  And the victim is now convinced that he or she has lost their mind, because all of the people that we should be able to trust are telling us that there is something wrong with us.

I knew all of this, in 1991, going back!

So, I pray, Lord, please no matter what I have to do, no matter what I have to endure, no matter what I have to say, no matter how I have to be, please don’t let go of my hand.

I also, knew well-meaning people were going to try and persuade me that it was me and not the screaming stalkers who needed psychiatric help.    After all, they wouldn’t be out there screaming if I hadn’t done something, in one of my manic states, to them.    Right.

I knew all of this, in 2001 when I sat down at my dining room table and started writing, STALKED! By Voices

You are sport!