I’m Supposed To . . .

I’m supposed to think I’m crazy because I hear voices.

I’m supposed to think I’m crazy because the Village of Maywood, Illinois Police would never allow a bunch of old women and young women to go about their streets behaving in such a vile obscene manner. Continue reading

Mind Readers Are Extremely Learning Impaired


Now, I know you think that’s ridiculous.  But it’s not.

The same ability that gives these people the ability to read your mind and do some of their other heinous things, also makes it extremely difficult for them to learn and/or accept change. Continue reading

The One Question No One Asks Me

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I am going to write about something that no one ever asks me.   And that’s courage.

Where did the courage to set foot out the door, once you knew you were being stalked, come from? Continue reading

The Firing of Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson.   What can I say?  I had defended him when I’d heard the news report about him being found slumped over the steering wheel of his car.

I, like a lot of you, felt that given his health problems and the amount of stress he was under, that it was perfectly plausible for him to fall asleep while driving home.  And that the City should have afforded him a driver.


And yesterday, when I heard that the Mayor had fired him, I was once again, ready to jump to his defense.

And then, I heard her Mayor Lori Lightfoot, say that she’d fired Eddie Johnson for lying to her.

That I couldn’t defend.  Because as a woman – and a victim of predatory stalking – who was lied to, by the Police, for over 40 years and still to this day, I can’t defend this backwards ass notion that the Illinois Police have that’s it’s OK to lie to women.

No, it’s NOT OK to lie to women.   And I won’t defend that.  Lying puts women’s lives at risk.  Every day, for well over thirty years, I had to go out there with a ranting raving lunatic on my heels.  And I suffered with that to the point that I still sleep with the lights on.   This past summer, even though my apartment is air conditioned, I still had a large fan going because the noise from the fan helped drown out the stalkers’ screaming.    If I’d had my way, I would have fired at least three Maywood, Illinois Police Chiefs and one three detectives, for sure.

All I can say is welcome to retirement, Eddie Johnson.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth
Eliza D. Ankum