T. D. Jakes’ Blind Spot

I thought I’d share this sermon, first of all because God asked me to;  I’ve been hearing T. D. Jakes since last week.

And because in this sermon Bishop Jakes speaks about how I feel and felt about the Church I previously attended and about some of my family members.

I know the Maywood Police are wondering how can you still go there to help her, when she was one of the ones who gave us so much wrong information.

And the answer is, it’s the right thing to do.   But, I always keep in mind who I’m dealing with.

And also, I tested the waters last week, by wearing some of my best casual clothes, to see if this new ‘quietness’ had any depth to it all.  I needed to know that before I went back to Church.

It doesn’t.  It’s all because you guys (The Police Department and the Village of Maywood) don’t want to compensate me for all the years you did nothing.

So, this sermon is for you.

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Hurt people, hurt people.





Make America Great Again

I heard that a lot of you, the ones under thirty and also the ones in their mid-thirties, in reaction to my post, 60 Minutes, never knew that once upon a time television actually went off at night.  I’m talking all across the United States of America, ABC, CBS, and NBC, all stopped broadcasting and actually went off the air at around 2:00 or 4:00 am.

I did not make that up.  It actually happened.

Bars also closed at 2 a.m. and radio as well, went off the air.

If you were a young Black person, back then, I’m sure you know the words to this song, “God Open Our Eyes”.   It was WVON’s Herb Kent, The Cool Gent’s sign-off song.

So, if you’re young enough not to remember any of this, there are two other things I’m sure you don’t have a clue as to why people get so upset when they hear Trump say he wants to roll America back to when it was great.

And one of those things is Blue Laws.

Let’s say it’s Sunday and you get a last minute call from some of your friends that they want to come over and watch the game with you.  You say, “Great!  Come on over.”   You hang up the phone and realize, you don’t have any snacks or drinks.  You grab your keys, throw on your coat, and hustle on over to the neighborhood store to get what you need.    WHOA!    STOP!

If it’s a Sunday, and you are about to commit a crime!   Because it’s against The Law (Blue Laws) to shop on a Sunday.

OK, say you don’t have friends coming over, but you do have a baby that is running a fever and you need some baby aspirin or baby Tylenol to their fever down.  So, you grab your keys, thrown on your jacket, and hustle on over to Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart to get what you need.    WHOA!   STOP.

You are about to commit a crime that will land you in jail for at least three days.   And your child is still a sick as a dog.    It’s against the law for you to shop or buy anything on a Sunday, even if your child is sick.

That’s Blue Laws and a lot of us oldsters grew up under it.   The only thing you could do on a Sunday, under the Law in this country, was have your butt in Church or at home with the curtains drawn, hoping the neighbors didn’t notice you weren’t in Church and reported it.

And the final one, that really gets my blood boiling when I hear Trump say he’s going to roll this country back to when it was great, pertains to the movie, ‘The Help’.

There is this scene where Viola Davis has stayed late to help her White employer set up for a dinner party and she has missed her bus back to the Black side of town.   It’s getting dark and she starts running. 

We see her running down the road, running across the railroad tracks, running until she’s literally huffing and puffing and sweating.

I remember we were back in New Orleans for my youngest brother’s funeral and my 30 year old nephew asked me, “Why is she running!”

I was already upset because of the circumstances and I sort of snapped back at him, curtly, “Why is she running?  She’s running because if anybody White sees her, in their part of town, after dark, they have the right to beat her up, rape her, or even kill her.  That’s why she’s running.  She needs to get back to the Black side of town before anyone White sees her.”

And he looked at me, confused and asked, “Just because she’s Black and outside at night?”    And said, “Yes!”

That scene inspired me to write Chapter 10 my book, ‘Thou Shalt Eat Dust.’


I’d like all of you, under 30, to know and remember that all these things (the ability to go where you want, when you want, and with whom you want) were not always so.  They were hard fought and won battles.   Don’t give them up!

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth
Eliza D. Ankum
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Or just think about this for one second, you’re a young Black woman desperately trying to get the Police to help you because you’re be stalked!   But none of them will help you because you are a young Black woman.  You’re a nobody!   And not worth the time of day, especially theirs.



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Happy Easter


Haven’t you ever wondered how and why in a time before cameras, cell phones, and the evening news broadcasts that the people of Judea knew Jesus when they saw him?

Probably, because most Arabs and Jews looked like this:


Looks beige to me.

And Jesus is probably up there, in Heaven, laughing at the knowledge that for him, “we’re ALL colored.”

But anyway, Happy Easter.  Or, as I like to say Hallelujah!  Thank God!  I made it through another Chicago winter.



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Something I’ve Known For A Long Time


If you read my post, Jussie Smollett. Where’d He Get That Idea, you know I wrote that I’ve tried twice now to find out exactly what it is that I supposedly did to the people stalking me.

And that’s because I honestly don’t know.   All I know is that she doesn’t like because I said No.

But I do know this, I absolutely refuse to go into the Maywood Police Headquarters and apologize for something I haven’t done.  Nor am I willing to sign papers confessing to doing something beyond trying to have these people arrested for stalking.  Nor am I willing to undergo any more psychiatric visits or counseling sessions aimed at appeasing a psychotic sexual predator and her families.

And, I shouldn’t have to do those things just someone, no matter how gifted they are, doesn’t like me.  Because if they weren’t stalking me, they wouldn’t have to worry about being around me.  Problem solved.

Now, the other thing.  My not reacting to all the screaming and hollering.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I decided that it was the people in charge and the Police who were the crazy ones.  (And I think Jussie Smollett and other people are beginning to figure that out, too.)

I was on a temp assignment for SBC Ameritech (thank you Bill Daley) and I had finished work for the day (and the stalkers had been putting on their show the entire day) and was on my way home.  A 2 hour trip.

I had to catch the #80 Irving Park Road Bus to the Blue Line’s Irving Park station, then do a thirty to forty minute end of the line ride to Forest Park, and then catch the #301 Roosevelt Road Bus to 5th Avenue and finally walk five blocks home, because the stalkers had gotten my nephew Shannon, who’d drive me to and from work for a hundred dollars a week, locked up.

And I standing at the bus stop, looking up at the night sky – it was winter at it was already dark by 5 o’clock – and it was like a light came on in my brain.  And a voice in my head said, “if they’d rather have abortions, rape, and all these sexual perversions, rather than a sanctified woman, then you stop!”   And from that moment on, I stopped reacting to it.  And I stopped going to the Tuesday night Village meetings and the Police.  And I stopped trying to get the stalkers arrested.

And I also stopped wanting to be like the so called ‘normal people.’   Y’all were fucking crazy.  And all these #MeToo Confessions by women are proving that.

And that just confirms that it was the people in charge, The Mayors, The Police, The Politicians at the time that gave the go ahead for the people stalking me to humiliate and sexually harass me and then tell me I was hallucinating it all. The people in power – in charge told them they could because they thought that was a good idea.  It showed me what they thought of women.


Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally’s rape confessionconfirmed what I’ve sincerely come to believe over the last few years.


PS.  I almost forgot.  Since I can no longer attend my Church because of the stalkers, I’m no longer under Bishop’s authority.  And local leadership Mayors Yarbrough, PerkinsThe Village TrusteesKimberly LifghtfordDanny K. Davis, and the Police Department  I’m free to go after you now.


Eliza D. Ankum

Government Contact emails below:

Kwame Raoul Illinois State’s Attorney


Kim Foxx Cook County State’s Attorney

Senator Dick Durbin

Congressman Danny K. Davis

Illinois State Representative Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch

Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins

Maywood Police Chief Vladmir Talley

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