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elizabooks’ Romance Novels

Hello wonderful fans and readers

When I’m not writing this, hopefully, informative blog, My Stalking blog, I write novels.

Below, are some of my very latest novels.  All of which are available as 6 by 9  print books, with fantastic looking glossy covers, that make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the readers on your Christmas Lists.

This book, an interracial contemporary romance, and is book three in a three book series.  The first two books, Ruby Sanders and Jared Anderson, are in the Historical Fiction Genre.  But I wanted to continue their story in a time and ear where it’s all about love and trust and not so much about their skin color.

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This book is both a multicultural and contemporary romance.  The young woman at the heart of the book is a White Chicago woman coming to the end of her romantic ideas about marriage when she is obliged to do a favor for her next door neighbor.

And that is marry the neighbor’s Hispanic lover.  There are very few 4 letter words in the book and only one sex scene that takes place after they’re married.

Book price:  $7.99 plus 3.99 shipping from Amazon
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Bougie.  As in, “You’re so Bougie.”  I know you’ve heard that word lately.  Well, it started here, with this book.



This book is an older couple multicultural & interracial contemporary romance.  It features a Polish American woman, who grew up in an upper middle class Chicago political family.  After the death of her husband, she meets, and has a one-night stand, with a Black man who, unbeknownst to her, is the newly elected Mayor of Chicago.   When she returns to Chicago, they take up where they left off.  But there are secrets, that go back years, that threaten their budding romance.

Book price:  $7.99 plus 3.99 shipping from Amazon
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This book, I wrote out of my personal experience of being a fat woman looking for love.  And it also happens to be the start of a new book series, The Discreet Private Investigator Files.

I first mention The Discreet Private Investigators in my second novel, Flight 404, which you know as the movie, Flight.  I plan on ‘officially’ kicking off the series in January 2020, with a new book entitled, “Discreet.”

But getting back to Dancing With The Fat Woman, this book is a ‘Why Done It,’ and not a ‘Who Done It.’   It has strong religious overtones and the ebook version comes with a music video at the end of each chapter, that inspired the chapter.  One of favorites is:

Book price:  $6.99 plus 3.99 shipping from Amazon
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And, I’ll leave you with this.  A good love story is worth the price.

I Have A Talent

The question most people want to know, but are afraid to ask for fear of ‘upsetting me’ is, “What did you do to The Stalkers that made them so angry with you that they’d follow you around for decades?”   The truthful answer is NOTHING.  But it’s a little more complicated than that.  As most things are. Continue reading

Alvarez Wasn’t The Only One

I was originally going to aim this blog at Anita Alvarez because of the current troubles she’s having regarding her job.  I felt she should know that there are other women, me for certain, who have lost jobs because of someone else’s bad behavior.  

And then, I started looking at the timeline on the jobs that I’d lost because of The Stalkers and most of them I held while Richard Devine was Cook County’s State Attorney.  Ain’t that a kick in the head? Continue reading

A Good Memory

Herb Kent DJ Hall of Famer from V103

This Sunday afternoon, Herb Kent, DJ Hall of Famer, was at the helm of V103 and he was playing his ‘Dusties’ and one of them was this song by ZZ Hill that I had always acquainted with BB King.

The song in an odd way, reminds me of my mother, when she worked in my Aunt Gussie’s Honky Tonk.

It brings back good memories and as the old folks used to say, ‘the boy went to Church’ on this one.

ZZ Hill, “Down Home Blues”

The following excerpt is from STALKED! By Voices

My Aunt Elvie and my Aunt Gussie, my mother’s sisters, were wonderful to us. Both of them ran ‘stores’ from their homes, and whenever we’d visit, they made sure we had plenty to eat and enough to take home.

Whenever money was really tight, my mother would take a job working for my Aunt Gussie. My Aunt Gussie had a liquor license and served cold beer and liquor along with her home cooked meals in her ‘store’. And her store had a jukebox and ample room for dancing. In other words my Aunt Gussie ran a honky-tonk. And my father strongly disapproved of my mother working there. I don’t think I ever saw him set foot in the place.

If customers were in the ‘store’, my mother told me to stay in Aunt Gussie’s house and not to come out. If we got hungry, either Judy or Man, Aunt Gussie’s children, would go over to the store get food, and bring it back, for us, even though they were younger than me. I think this must have been her compromise with our father. 

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices
Dancing With The Fat Woman