Red Eye Disease and My Shed Experience

This injury, is now, since 2012, referred to as Red Eye Disease

Now, regarding yesterday’s post, Stay At Home Order, here it is 13 years later, and I still, to this day, do not wear makeup anymore.   The only thing I wear is lipstick.   I do not wear foundation, because I fear the really crazy one of the bunch will put something in to scar my face.  And the experience with the eye shadow has left me permanently fearful of using that product or even mascara.

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Welcome To Isolation or Social Distancing


I am no stranger to isolation or Social Distancing.

Due to a severe case of stalking and verbal harassment, I have been in isolation and social distancing for over 40 years.

When you’re being stalked like I am, no one wants you as a worker, a co-worker, a relative, a friend, a girl friend, and most definitely, not as a wife.  It’s a fact that I’ve had to settle into and get comfortable with.  I’ll admit, It took a while.

Case in point, I’ve never been to a nightclub.  I’ve never gone to the movies with a man.  I’ve never going out to eat with anyone other than former church members or really close friends who understand the screaming and hollering that will take place should I have to use the restroom while out.  I’ve never gotten a box of chocolates from a man on Valentine’s Day.  And I’ve never had phone sex.

The list goes on and on, because basically, people are afraid to have me around.   Sort of the way they are now with the Coronavirus/Covid-19.    No one wants Coronavirus in their home, much less, in their bed.

So, while you’re living life the way I do, all the time, here are some tips.

Get cable or learn to read books.  Hopefully mine.   You need a diversion for when being at home gets boring and you need a distraction from the paint color on the walls.  I added Acorn to my cable network and started correcting some of my books.  Just finished the re*edit of, The Hunt For Red November. 

Get booze.  Preferably a lot of it.  Because after you’ve been away from all that unnecessary input from other people, your life will become crystal clear in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, yet.  You’ll do a lot of crying and booze will help that.

Send your children, South, to relatives, to escape the Pandemic.   You would but your relatives are old.  Or worse, they won’t come and get your children and you don’t own a car.  Too bad.

Cook.  But not while you’re drinking.  And yes, I have food.  Two weeks ago, when Trump made his first announcement that the virus wasn’t as bad as people feared, I began stocking up.  Food water, toilet tissue.  But, I didn’t buy enough vodka.  That’s my only complaint.    Allrecipes has some great, easy, simple recipes.

And for God’s sake, learn how to make a pot of coffee.

CLEAN YOUR DAMN HOUSE!    I hate it when people whine to me that they’re bored because they have nothing to do or whine to me that since I have no life, I should come over and entertain them or help them organize their house and I walk in and their house, it’s filthy.   I want to scream, ‘If you’re so damn bored, clean your filthy house and then it would be organized and it would take up a lot of that boring time you have on your hands.”

Then, when it’s clean rearrange the furniture so that the place looks as if someone with a brain lives there.

Start writing that novel.   If I didn’t already have writing commitments (Essays on a StalkingDiscreet Private InvestigationsHyades – A Black Science Fiction novelRuby and Jared’s WeddingKilling Justice – A Presidential Agent Novel Series Book 4, and The End (Kate Winslet and Idris Elba from the Mountain Between Us break up), I’d sit in my house, at the computer, and write the novel, VIRUS.

Everyone already thinks that President Trump took the ‘flu like virus’ that killed this young Hispanic teenager, weaponized it, and dropped it on China. 

Hispanic teen dies while in detention from flu-like illness.

Other Hispanic children who died in Border Custody

And because he didn’t realize how many people from other countries were living in China, he accidentally spread that virus around the world.   Then, I’d put a twist on it, that the children were given the virus, (as part of an illegal experiment), while in custody.  It will sell!

That’s what I’d do.

But, right now, I’m nearing the end of my current novel, Mr. President, so, I can’t.

And that’s what I do with my isolation or social distancing.  I write, I drink, I take care of other people who have more freedom of movement than I do, and I watch the world.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

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A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth



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Mind Readers Are Extremely Learning Impaired


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The One Question No One Asks Me

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