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Have you, like me, been psychically stalked for so long that you’ve begun to ask the psychic stalkers where things are in your house?

It’s normal.  After all, they’re with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.  No one else, at least not any rational human being, will do that.

Just remember, that it is your house and your life.  Not theirs.


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What The Hell Were They Thinking?

What the hell were they thinking?

I ask myself that, late at night, in this new quiet, now that the Maywood Police have finally begun pressuring the stalkers into stopping their two decades long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year obscenity laced screaming marathon. 

What the hell were they thinking to allow that for so long?  

Is that how they perceive women?  Or was it and how they perceive Black women, i.e., the angry Black woman?

Is that what they thought of me?  That I deserved this?

Oh, I know.  They thought I was mentally ill.  And the mentally ill don’t deserve justice.  And being publicly humiliated didn’t matter anyway, because I was mentally ill and didn’t know what was going on.  Yes, that must be it.  Right?


I don’t know of any woman, mentally ill or otherwise, who deserves to be stalked, harassed, and publicly humiliated.

What the hell were they thinking?

“Well, if Miss Ankum felt that way, she should have come in talked with us.  But so far, she hasn’t come in.”

That statement was made by a top Maywood official to Senator Durbin, Congressman Davis, State Senator Lightford, and Representative Welch, and to the local Press.

When I heard about that statement, I immediately went about correcting his statement.



I was there, at the Maywood Police Station,  over and over and over, again.  And I assured him that he could confirm that by looking into the Police Reports filed by one of his detectives.   Detective Allen Pirsia.

Yes.  That would be the same Detective Allen Pirsia, who stood on the minister’s platform of Proviso Missionary Baptist Church and who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall.

I actually thought at the time that he was just pretending not to know me, but I soon came to realize, he didn’t.

And when asked about it later, swore he’d never met me before.   Even though I had talked with him on three separate occasions, one of which was in my home when I lived on 4th Avenue.  And two other occasions at the Maywood Police Station, with a policewoman from their sex crimes department.

He did not remember ever meeting me.  But that showed me just how little attention they were paying to my pleas for help.  So, why would I keep coming in when I knew I’d get no help from you.

Instead, I did this:  And that got your attention.



And then, after they’d checked into Detective Allen Pirsia’s notes, plus going farther back, I came to find out that their belief that I was mentally ill had come from a woman they thought was my mother (my mother Bessie Lee Norman Ankum has been dead for 51 years) but actually isn’t and had absolutely no rights whatsoever to insert herself into the investigation.  Especially since I wasn’t living with her.  And she wasn’t paying my rent or any of my bills.  . And had never had so much as one day of medical or psychological training in her life.

What the hell were they thinking?

And let’s not forget the stalkers.  What kind of Police Department thinks that a woman stalking another woman is OK?

“I thought it was just a little harmless girl fight,” I think I heard former Mayor Henderson Yarbrough say to his wife, Karen Yarbrough. when Governor Pritzker came to Proviso Missionary Baptist Church during his campaign and the stalkers started screaming up the place.   But I’m sure I didn’t hear that right because of all the screaming and laughing.

The Maywood Police had never once asked, what kind of person stalks someone they’ve never met for over forty years.  Then raises up her children to continue her stalking when she no longer can?  Screaming obscenities at someone you’ve never met 24/7/365 for 28 years didn’t raise a red flag with them, at all.

And then when I did my best to stop it, they interfered.

What the hell were they thinking?

You know what else I think about?  Those poor women and girls – the stalkers – raised up and trained to scream and harass a 23 year old young naieve girl, who no longer exists.  They’re literary screaming at the past.

Maywood Police, you worked very well for a long time for the other side how about working for me and Maywood for a while.


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