An Aldi Commerical

When I saw this Aldi commercial the other night, I sat in my favorite comfy chair and laughed out loud for about five minutes or more. Continue reading

‘The Wicked’ With David Muir for 20/20




I have, about an hour ago, finished watching The Wicked by David Muir for 20/20 on ABC. 

I had wanted to watch The Wicked because I had an inkling that there was something more behind the stabbing of Payton Leutner, than just the Slender Man myth.  And I was right. Continue reading

You Are An Inheritance


Yesterday, I wrote in a post, Why Me, that the stalkers did not choose me.  Because they didn’t.  I am absolutely 99.9999% sure that this same family of stalkers were stalking my mother.   Read Chapters 1 -7 of my autobiography, STALKED! My Voices. Continue reading