Power, Money, and Influence

A Peeping Tom is a Peeping Tom, no matter how it’s done.  Click the image to find out more.  Then image, that someone is peeping into your mind.  Knowing your deepest, darkest secrets and  exposes them to the world for their amusement or as a means of gaining power, money, and influence. 

To all those who have been faithful readers of this blog, you may have noticed that I have been posting less than usual. Continue reading

This May Is National Mental Health Month

Besides, our President, I think a lot of Americans could use a mental health check-up.  Case in point, all those white Michiganders rallying outside their State Capitol Building carrying guns and waiving Nazi flags as a way of protesting the Stay At Home Orders. Continue reading

All Of This? Because They Don’t Like Me?

“All of this?  Because they don’t like me?”

I nearly fell out of my comfy chair last night when I heard Annalise (Viola Davis) say those words.  I felt like the show’s writer had been sitting in a parked car outside my home listening in on discussions as to why the people stalking me, picked me. Continue reading

Red Eye Disease and My Shed Experience

This injury, is now, since 2012, referred to as Red Eye Disease

Now, regarding yesterday’s post, Stay At Home Order, here it is 13 years later, and I still, to this day, do not wear makeup anymore.   The only thing I wear is lipstick.   I do not wear foundation, because I fear the really crazy one of the bunch will put something in to scar my face.  And the experience with the eye shadow has left me permanently fearful of using that product or even mascara.

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Public Humiliation Of A Nobody


Being Stalked.  If you’d asked me, and you probably won’t, I’d say that the hardest thing, for me to wrap my head around, has not been being stalked – by people with the ability to read minds – is that regular ordinary everyday people would believe that publicly humiliating me was and is a good idea. Continue reading

No More Distractions


Last week, I heard Joel Osteen preach on this subject, No More Distractions, and it felt as if he was talking directly to me.  As if God had directed him to write this sermon and then preach it to me because Eliza D. Ankum needs to know that I’ve heard the distractions set against her. Continue reading

Mind Readers Are Extremely Learning Impaired


Now, I know you think that’s ridiculous.  But it’s not.

The same ability that gives these people the ability to read your mind and do some of their other heinous things, also makes it extremely difficult for them to learn and/or accept change. Continue reading