Payback is a Bitch!

Yesterday, I wrote a post entitled, The Stalkers – Pimping Out Their Kids.  Today, the lead female of The Stalkers (the one who tells the others what to do or scream)  showed up at my job pretending to be a co-worker and friend.

As I always remind myself, “The Devil cries wha wha wha when he’s (or she) is caught.”

Eliza D. Ankum
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Post Script:  Ms. Anita Alvarez might I suggest the following when you run out of excuses for The Stalkers, especially since your so good at locking my relatives up.  Perhaps it might work better if you actually locked up the criminals instead of their victims.

Decatur Correctional Center
is the state’s newest female-only prison. The  medium-security prison opened in 2000 and averages about 530 inmates who have committed a variety of crimes from drug possession to reckless homicide.

Lincoln Correctional Center
also was converted to serve mothers. The facility opened in 1984 to house male inmates but became a medium-security prison for females in 2000. It averages about 977 inmates.

Dwight Correctional Center
Illinois’ third and oldest all-female prison, Opened in 1930 as a maximum-security prison, it now averages more than 1,000 inmates.

The prison receives female offenders from county jails and houses inmates who are in protective custody, on Death Row or in need of mental health services. It also houses a medical center for terminally ill and pregnant inmates.



The Top One Hundred List

A Tiny Kitten with a Big Mouth

I am pleased to announce that another of my books, STALKED! By Voices, has made it into The Top 100 for its category

My first Best Seller was Ruby Sanders, a non-conventional historical western romance that I’m following with Jared Anderson due to go on sale at the end of September.

Ruby Sanders

Be sure to check out my author page on Amazon.

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Shannon Ran

Like most of you, my sister had a dream.  And that dream entailed a vision of the perfect Black Utopia, called Maywood, Illinois.

But my sister’s dream turned into a nightmare for her sons. 

Having been raised in Maywood back in the early seventies and having attended Proviso East High School back in the day, she never dreamt how much both Maywood and Proviso had changed when she decided to move back from the West Side and buy a house in the early ’90..

The first inkling of how horrific a change had occurred at Proviso came at a ‘Back To School’ family get together where we supplied the boys with their school supplies.  I remember Shannon, then a Sophomore, came into the room where the adults were seated and literally begged his mother not to send him back to Proviso.  Of course, my sister having had a wonderful experience there, thought he was just trying to get out of going back to school.

But that was the beginning of Shannon’s road to prison.  Now, we called it the school to prison pipeline

My sister didn’t know it, but the GANGS had invaded Proviso East High School and were actively recruiting Shannon to the point of death threats.  So, Shannon ran every day after school. Shannon ran.  He ran and he ran and he ran until one Monday night, he didn’t run fast enough. 

Shannon was SHOT.  Gut shot to be precise.  It was an attempt to stop his running – you know to put him in a wheelchair if he wasn’t going to be of use to the GANGS.

Shannon was gut shot near our Church and left to die on the street.

After, his stay at Loyola, Shannon was too afraid not to do as the GANG order.  He started selling.

Of course, his shooting, and that of his brothers Stephen and Sterling were never solved. 

I guess there wasn’t a secret tipster around when they were shot.

 FREE SHANNON ANKUM.  11 years is enough!

Eliza D. Ankum 


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth


Free Shannon Ankum

Shannon Ankum

Revelation 1:8  I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Now you might wonder what that scripture has to do with the photo of Shannon Ankum above and Larry Ankum below. It is this. If there is one thing that The Stalkers know about me is that I am a true believer. I really do believe that there is a God.

And I’ve learned, from real experience, that when The Stalkers can’t get to you, they will hurt those you love. Shannon is my sister’s first born child and he was convicted of First Degree Murder based on the testimony of a ‘surprise and undisclosed witness’ who I believe was a member of the Stalkers or either coerced into giving false testimony by them.

Larry Ankum is my sister’s last born child was almost convicted of First Degree Murder based on a tip by a ‘surprise and undisclosed’ witness who I believe was a member of The Stalkers or either coerced into giving false testimony by them.

I, myself, don’t believe in coincidences.

We worked hard and my sister spent a great deal of money she didn’t have on lawyers to free her son, Larry Ankum, because we all knew he wasn’t guilty and the circumstances surrounding his false arrest. And if you aren’t familiar with my blogs, STALKED! My Voices and My Stalking blog you should really read them.

We as a family did not work as hard to free Shannon as we did Larry, because people said to me, “let it go.” Let him go. He’s nothing but a drug dealer. If you get him out, he’ll go back to dealing drugs and he’ll cause your sister to lose her house.” And so I did. But now I know what a tragic mistake that was. Especially after finding out about exactly who is who in Maywood, Illinois and The Imperial Insane Vice Lords. You see my sister didn’t know that she had moved into the middle of their territory. And neither she nor I knew who also belonged. We weren’t, as far as we knew, Gang people.  We were ignorant.

It has taken me quite some time to convince people that The Stalkers are real people motivated by hate. But what people are still asking is, “What did you do to those people to make them hate you and your family so much?” And it’s the answer that people have a problem with. And the answer is NOTHING.

These people hate for the sheer pleasure of hating. I, too, have difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that they would deliberately send two young men to prison just so they could ‘listen’ to and emotionally feed off our suffering.

And let us not forget the two young men who lost their lives in the senseless vendetta. I would not put it past The Stalkers to have set those ‘two scenarios’ into motion just so there would be a reason to arrest and convict my sister’s sons.

I will in the next few weeks start a campaign to free my sister’s first born child, Shannon Ankum because I don’t believe any one should be behind bars, least of all for 45 years, based on the testimony of any member of The Stalkers. When it comes to The Ankum Family they cannot nor will they ever be able give unbiased testimony.

Read more about Shannon at:

PS Stop the drive bys guys and have one of your lawyers or representatives offer my sister a fair price for her house so she can move her family out and away from your territory.  Problem solved.

Eliza Ankum

TD Jakes – Nothing As Powerful As A Changed Mind

A Tiny Kitten with a Big Mouth

This message is so POWERFUL and FULL OF POWER. It’s what happened to me. I simply changed the way I thought about being STALKED.

Before, I used to think ‘poor me’ I’m being persecuted for no reason and have to drag all of these crazy people everywhere I go. And then one morning, I thought, poor them, they have to follow me where I HAVE A WILL TO GO. If I decide to go to the beach, they have to go. If I decide to go to work, they have to go. If I decided to go to the store, they have togo, even if they don’t want to.

In other words, I have a choice, they don’t.

And I don’t associate with people who try and change my mind back.

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices

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Question?  If you tried reporting a crime over and over, and all the police did was tell you that you’re crazy what would you think.

Would you believe them?

Or would you trust in yourself?

I heard a rumor, and I’m not saying it was true, but supposedly, a ‘paid’ village official was in bed with ‘The Stalkers’.  Maybe that’s why they were never arrested.  What do you think?

I chose to trust myself!

I did a check, via The Village Press, and couldn’t find a single report of ‘The Stalkers’ being arrested.

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
STALKED! By Voices

I’d Like To Go To Church

Tom Dart Cook County Sheriff

I’m going to make a very simple appeal to all those residents of Maywood, Illinois who are sick and tired of listening to ‘The Voices’ or as most of you call her ‘That Damn Fool Ignorant Woman’ screaming all day long and into the night let’s do something about it.

Valdimir Talley

Edweena Perkins

f  Maywood Police Chief, Valdimir Talley, and our Mayor, Edweena Perkins won’t do anything about it, (No,  I can’t get them to do anything because they’re fearful of my filing a lawsuit against the village), you citizens of Maywood can by going the website below and filling out the attached form.

Because one of these days, these people may decide they don’t like you!

Eliza D. Ankum