elizabooks – My Autobiography & Novels

In addition to writing My Stalking Blog, I’ve also written my autobiography, a little book of poems, and a few novels.








STALKED! By Voices is my soul searing autobiography of how I was stalked, mentally, and sexually harassed for decades.
In 1976 the word stalker, as we know it today, did not exist. It didn’t become commonplace in our language until after the horrific murder of TV star, Rebecca Schaeffer.

So now, try to imagine that’s it’s 1976 and you’re a young twenty-three year old Black woman, of no reputation, trying to convince your local Police that you’re being followed, 24/7/365 every second of every day, everywhere you go.  Their reply was, “You can’t be being followed by people you don’t know. Why would complete strangers want to follow you around?”







A Woman’s Voice: A Little Book of Poemsis a look inside the mind of a transplanted southern woman.

The poems within are about how she feels about her southern roots, her mother, love, loss, betrayal, acceptance, and what living in the north has taken from her. And finally, growing old and knowing without a doubt that there is a God.








In Flight 404, Margaret Larson is the young beautiful African-American widow of WKXR TV station owner, Sam Larson — who is twenty years her senior — twice divorced and part of Peoria, Illinois all White upper class.
When Sam is suddenly killed in a bizarre Halloween plane crash Margaret is devastated but determined to carry on in spite of being spurned by all her society friends and Sam’s children from his previous marriage.









A deportation romance, Eleanor Grunsback is a 35 year old, lonely single, never been married, graying, and slightly plump woman who is asked to do a favor for a married friend.

That favor changes Eleanor’s life forever!


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