Asking ‘WHY’ Of A Psychopath

Why?  Why did he do it?  The men and women of the media drone on and on daily with that question.  Why did he or she do it?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?

Let me tell you from past experience that asking why of a psychopath is fraught with danger and something that I definitely advise you, the layperson, against.

Unless you are a licensed practicing forensic psychiatrist you’ll never understand the answer to why and it might send you spiraling down a hole you may never get yourself out of.

Asking why of a psychopath will put you in more harm than it will give you answers.  Why?  Because a psychopath’s whole goal is to destroy you.  You are different than he or she is in every way.  You are sane.  He is crazy.  You are rational.  He is delusional.  You are polar opposites.  Anything he tells you is aimed at destroying that thing that is different from him.

Nothing, you as a ‘normal person’  will get from a psychopath will help you understand why they did what they did.  Their answer will only confuse you and lead you off in the wrong direction, case in point, the Charleston, South Carolina killer.  His answer for killing all those people was “because he had to – because they were Black.”

Now what he did became about those people being Black as though being Black was a crime rather than about him killing those people because HE WAS MESSED UP – DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR.  So damaged that killing seemed right.

And that is ALWAYS how it is with a psychopath.  Up is down and down is up. They turn the tables on you and blame you for their crimes.  You are the one that is wrong.  You were in the wrong place.  You were wearing the wrong color or you were the wrong color.  You looked at them wrong.  You walked wrong.  You talked wrong.  You were the one wrong.

“I have a little refrain that I sing to myself everyday to remind myself of that when The Stalkers are screaming and it goes like this, “Cause  everything I do is wrong!”

It takes a long time and a lot of patience to get them, the true psychopath, to accept responsibility for whatever wrong they’ve done and even then the answer to ‘why’ will never make sense to you.  It will only make it that much harder when you realize the ‘why’ of it was caused by a sick mind.  And that it really was senseless.

P.S. One other thing that I counsel myself about constantly, is  that if my stalking case ever goes to trial, is to make sure that I get myself out of that courtroom when the Prosecutor or the Judge asks The Stalkers why they stalked me for so many years.  I know without a doubt that they’re going to blame me and I don’t want to hear that bullshit answer and cause myself unnecessary anguish and self-doubt for years to come.

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
STALKED! By Voices