When Stalking becomes Elder Abuse


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In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to write about what it’s like being an elderly victim of stalking. Continue reading

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Yesterday, I started work on what I’m hoping will be my last post for My Stalking Blog, but somehow I know it won’t.

I have this fantansy that by some miracle the stalkers, at the stroke of midnight will become SANE rational thinking people. I know it is just that, a fantansy, but one can wish.

What a terrible tragedy this stalking of me has become. Not only has it forever ruined my life, but also the lives of the stalkers and countless other peoples as well.
Innocent people have been caught up in their sick twisted games. Innocent people, who willingly helpled them, thinking that they were doing something noble only to learn later, that they had been used as the tool of a sexual deviant and prediator.

How unfortunate it has been that the stalkers have been allowed to do what they did for as long as they did, from 1991 to 2014. That’s twenty-three (23) years. Not days, not weeks, not months, but twenty three years they were allowed to freely roam our streets, scream obscenties, and defile everything and everyone they came in contact with.

How unfortunate for a community whose children have been born and raised listening to their vile testimony. And how unfortunate for us, the older generation, who have to watch our children emulate the stalkers and think that it is OK to take their anger out on others, i.e., all the shootings and killings that haunt our streets earning us the nickname, Murderwood.

This year, in 2015, I will turn sixty-two years old, and my new status as an elderly citizen is beginning to put a new tag on the stalking. It is becoming elder abuse. How about that!

Never at age twenty three, when I first sought help, would I have thought that I’d still be dealing with this and it would go from stalking to elder abuse.
Ain’t that something to scream and holler about.

Old Bathshea Woman aka Eliza D. Ankum

(An Richard, you’ve more than made up for that but I definately intend to use it in Dancing With The Fat Woman.)