What I Wouldn’t Say Before, I’ll Say Now

This column is for ALL those people who have pronounced me either stupid or insane because, as they put, all I need to do is go tell the Police, the Police will arrest the stalkers, and the whole stalking thing will be over.”
Well, the first reason is, if you’ve read either one of my blogs https://stalkedbyvoices.wordpress.com or https://mystalkingblog.wordpress.com, is that I’ve already been there – done that. And barring any unforeseen circumstances, I have absolutely no intention of stepping foot in the Maywood Police Station ever again.
I admittedly have TRUST ISSUES and the Maywood Police are second on my NO TRUST LIST. The stalkers are number one. And there is zero chance that I’ll ever trust anything either of these two groups have to say.

For example, the first time I reported the stalkers, I was the one arrested, bound over for court order out-patient psychiatric therapy and DRUGGED into submission.
And secondly I want you to consider the case of George Caithamer, who was assaulted while in the custody of the Maywood Police. To read article, click here.

What has one thing got to do with the other, you ask. I can tell you that the $750,000.00 Maywood had to pay out sent shock waves through the Village’s City Hall and the word went out, “do whatever you have to do, to keep us from being sued again.”
Now this man was violated for 20 minutes and won $750,000.00.
I have been violated for 23 years, and that’s not counting the years from 1976 – 1991.

What do you think my judgment would be and how far do you think they’re willing to go to stop it?

Personally, I like my freedom, I like being alive and I like my relatives being alive. So, I put up with the screaming every time I take a shower. I put up the verbal harassment at work. I put up with not being able to attend Church. I put up with the sick twisted sexual ‘love talk’ from a female sexual pervert. I put up with being followed every where I go just so I can have those three things.


Eliza D. Ankum