Governor Quinn and a Stalker Attack

Governor Pat Quinn

Last Saturday, September 6th, I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast meeting, (well actually cooking the breakfast), for Governor Pat Quinn which was held at Proviso Missionary Baptist Church, 1116 S. 5th Avenue in Maywood, Illinois.

The Governor was there primarily seeking the Black vote in his bid for reelection against opponent Bruce Rauner, which, when you consider the astronomical amount of money Mr. Rauner is spending to become Governor, I’m sure Quinn needs.

While I am no great fan of Governor Pat Quinn, I did, in the few minutes I got to speak with him, find him personable and caring. My one minus point was that he stuck to what sounded to me like a memorized script.

But after reading Bruce Rauner’s biography on Wikipedia, I have decided to cast my vote for Quinn. The reason being that anytime a man has six million dollars to throw away on a political campaign but donates less than a million to a charity, he is in the game, not to help the common man, or to better or State’s economy, but solely for the purpose of massaging his ego. I think Mr. Rauner is on an ego trip and personally, I’d rather not go along for the ride.

Now with regards to the meeting, Governor Quinn spoke passionately about raising the minimum wage from $8.25 and hour to $13.25 an hour, which I agree.
If you’ve read my autobiography, you know that I earned a living for eight years making $8.25 and hour. I managed to bring home $602.00 every two weeks. And the only reason I brought home that much was because I literally worked seven days a week (half days on Saturdays and Sundays) every week for eight years. My only days off were Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. So, I do understand the need.
But I do think we, as a country, must tightened our immigration laws before it goes into effect. And so, I asked the Governor the following question:
“Governor, with respect to raising the minimum wage, what do you plan to do about the number of illegal aliens who will flock to Illinois once the minimum wage is raised?”
His answer was that, “While we can’t deny a reasonable wage to those Illinois citizens who already work here, we can expect those coming to Illinois seeking employment to spend their pay checks here, which in turn will help create more jobs.”
My only concern with that answer is what will we do in the mean time. Before, they find that job that pays $13.25 an hour, they will want and need subsidized housing, food, and medical care. How will the state pay for that?
Even though I did not get all my questions answered, I’m still voting for Quinn.

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Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices


Gee! Girl you stink!

While I was standing, (albeit sweating from the heat in the kitchen. I ran out as soon as I heard him open up the meeting for questions) waiting to get my turn at asking Governor Quinn my questions, I was attacked by The Stalkers.
Not in the way in which you might think. Seated a few inches away from where I was standing was a man whom I didn’t recognize but I didn’t think anything about it at the time, considering the number of people who had turned out to see and hear the Governor. But this man smiled at me in a way that I’ve come to recognize as a precursor to an impending stalker attack. And sure enough, one came.
All of a sudden the air around me was filled with a very funky stench. That’s how I’ll describe it. I realized that the smell was being dispensed from a vile the man had hidden in his hands. Although, the biggest and meanest of the stalkers is screaming at me while I write this that “she is able to manufacturer this stench herself out of thin air.”
When I was younger and not as accustomed to the stalkers as I am now, I would have abandoned my spot in line and ran away and hid. But I have become a bit thick skinned with regards to the stalkers. So despite the stench that I was sure everyone would credit to me, I stayed my place in line even with the air around me turning staler than a pair of old gym trunks, and asked the Governor my question.
Embarrassing me in front of the Governor of Illinois and a host of other Illinois politicians was not enough for the stalkers.
Last night when I tried returning to a service at my Church, I had stooped attending because the stalkers were getting completely out of hand, the stalkers used another person to pull the same trick again.
And I was amazed at how quickly people around me assumed I needed a bath. Their reaction brought to mind the scriptures Mark 5:3 and Matthew 8:28-34, because I know why this man lived among the dead (tombs). Be warned that the average person (especially, one in need of money or a thrill in an otherwise boring life) will do you as much harm as the most pathological stalker.
And the dead don’t make judgments.

STALKED! By Voices