Church Safety

Last night after I’d gotten home, I sat down and watched a re-broadcast of Chanel 7 News.  And I listened with particular interest to the piece on Church Safety.

Church Safety, in particular, the safety of the other parishioners in my Church was one of the reasons I stopped going to Church.    Every Sunday when I arrived at Church, The Stalkers were already there waiting and eager to get started with their screams and taunts.  I know they disrupted the Service for me and I’m sure the rest of the Church felt the same way.

But mostly, I was appalled at how little respect people have today for the House of God.  I felt so bad that my Church members had to listen to all their garbage but so did God.

I maybe crazy, but at least I have the good sense not to act a fool in God’s house.  I just wish others could put down their imaginary (and sometimes real ones) grudges and do the same.

Eliza D. Ankum

Suicide or Murder

Sandra Bland

Like a lot of you, I’ve ben paying close attention to the Sandra Bland case going on in Texas and it got me thinking last night that if something happened to me, I don’t want anyone thinking I committed suicide. I want people to know I was murdered!   Continue reading