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Last night I watched the movie ‘Prisoners’ starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

And I must say I was thoroughly impressed with Hugh Jackman’s acting skills. I completely forgot that it was Wolverine underneath that beard and blue collar work duds. I became totally involved with his character.

And needless-to-say Jake Gyllenhaal nailed his part, also. His characterization of Loki, was the essence of how today’s police work.

Loki was young, dedicated, and driven. Yet, with all of that going for him and bear in mind that he had all the facts to solve the case, he was never going to solve it. Why? Because he wasn’t able to connect the dots the way he thought the dots should have connected. He was looking for motive more than he was looking for the missing girls. A forest search is a body search. His logic was, figure out why the girls were taken and then he’d find the person responsible for taking them. If only that were true in real life.

Gyllenhaal’s character would never have found the girls using standard logic because the person who took them wasn’t thinking logically. And the movie nailed that point.

It was Hugh Jackson’s character, acting on Faith and Instinct, and irrational behavior was what made the girl’s rescue possible.

And a note for all those policemen and women reading this blog, and thinking you’re wrong.

Case in point. The character played by Paul Dano would never never never never never never never never have told where the girls were without the torture. Why. Survival.

Just think about it. He had been missing for twenty-six years. 26 years in the same town. Walking around, driving around, playing around in the same damn town. And not one policeman noticed him or saw the torture he was surviving.

After you’ve spent that many years, alone in the wilderness, you learn to trust no one, not even the people trying to rescue you.

I, myself, am still contending with a stalker after some 40 years and I’ll tell you right this minute that the very last thing in this world that I’d do, is voluntarily walk into a Police Station.

I have LEARNED, had it drilled into my head, that the police are NOT interested in my point of view — only theirs. Just like in the movie.

A big round of applause for ‘Prisoners.’ And I’m not just saying that because my name is Eliza. 

I picked up right away that the two little girls were being stalked, i.e.  “I lost my pink whistle 133 days ago.”  It’s a classic symptom of stalking.  Things go missing.


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