Senior Tours (Amish Country)

I recently joined a Senior Tour group, not that I’m old or anything but I thought I should see something of this planet before I’m buried beneath it.

A few years back, about 15 actually, I stopped traveling, all together, because of some very bad experiences.

Kermit The Frog says “It’s not easy being green.”   Well Kermit should try traveling with a bunch of screaming mind reading stalkers.  Kermit ain’t done nothing until he’s done that.

My first bad experience traveling with Stalkers came when I went to the Bahamas.  The Stalkers actually bought tickets and got on the boat and sailed to the Bahamas screaming all the way there and all the way back.  They screamed during breakfast, they screamed during lunch, they screamed during dinner, they screamed during the tours of the island.  They screamed and screamed and screamed.   I could have stayed at home for that.  And I did until a few years later when I decided to try again.

Then, like now, I bought a ticket for a one-day bus tour of Amish Country(Wednesday July 8th)  Guess what, they screamed from the moment the bus left the terminal until it pulled back into the terminal.  No more spending money on trips I said.

That was then, this is now.  I’m ready to try again.  So this Wednesday, I’ll board a Senior Bus heading for Amish Country again.  This time I hope to enjoy myself more than I did the last time.  The last time, I was embarrassed by the screaming, worried that people would think I did something to these people to cause them to do all that screaming.  I was younger then and cared about what people thought.   Now that I know how people really think, I’d feel more embarrassed for The Stalkers than I would for me.  To have to hear what people are thinking about them screaming like that and ruining their vacation time must be hard to hear.


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