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This weekend I was going to write a blog saying that I disagreed with the rancor requesting that Al Franken resign from the Senate, (I had not actually seen the photo above in which he actually had his hands on her) but decided to wait.  Because, if Franken were the habitual sexual harasser he’s being accused of being, there’d be other women. 

Also, I did not get the sexual harassment campaign going to dishonor rich powerful white men.  I ramped it up to give a voice to poor powerless women like myself – the grocery store worker who hates going to work because the store manager always finds a reason to pull her into the stockroom and shortens her pay if she refuses his advances; for the single mother who needs her job in order to keep a roof over her children’s heads, so she puts up with her Boss’ physical harassment; the middle aged office worker nearing retirement who can’t afford to lose her job at this point in life, so she puts up with her Boss’s verbal harassment; the teenager trying to raise money for college who allows her Boss to grope her.  These are the women I hoped to reach.  But as one politician stated in his campaign ad, “that if you allow violence (sexual harassment) in one area, sooner or later, it will spread everywhere.”   And so, it seems it has.

I can’t help but think that most of the sexual harassment cases we’re hearing about now, took place during the decades that the stalkers that I’m dealing with were allowed to scream all sorts of obscenities (verbal sexual harassment) at me.  And I know that sounds egotistic, but I know – without a doubt – that news of what was happening here in Maywood spread to other areas of the country and the world.  So, I’m thinking that these men hear and learned that there were NO CONSEQUENCES for sexual harassment.  I think the #MeToo campaign is a wake-up call to sexual harassers that there will be consequences to their actions.

That was the case with Franken.  He got away with no consequences the first time (the photo above) and did it again with Ms. Menz.

Now, about Judge Roy Moore.
Judge Roy Moore is a whole different animal.  Moore is a proven pedophile.  And that’s just not acceptable.  It was just an unfortunate circumstance that the other Republican (since Alabama wants to remain a Republican state) in the running had the last name of Strange.

But, no matter how much the people of Alabama want to remain Republican, I say, from experience, that Judge Moore’s pedophilic tendencies will drive his actions while in office.  Mostly because if he knows that he can do something as heinous as harassing teenage girls and get away with it, how much more can he do and get away with it.  If he really didn’t do any of these things, why not commit himself for testing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Imagine the bump in ratings a successful completion of that test would give him.


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