For years – decades – people, well-meaning people had me questioning my own sanity.

Because, I was being STALKED! by someone, I didn’t know and had never met or had a conversation with on the phone or over the internet.

And no one, not even the Police would help me, until the screaming started.

Image courtesy of the movie Unsane

And then, they were either too scared or too embarrassed to admit that I’d asked them for help.

This blog grew out of my real life agonizing truth of being mentally, physically, sexually, and verbally harassed from November of 1976 all the way up to the present day.  This day!

I have another blog, https://stalkedbyvoices.wordpress.com wherein I detail the brutal and inhumane way in which I was treated by the group of people stalking me and by the authorities in charge for over 40 years.  And even today, in this time of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, no justice has been awarded me.

Image courtesy of the movie, Greta

So, I decided to take it, wrench it from the very hands of those who had denied me Justice.  That’s what this blog is all about.  About, yes, you can be stalked by someone you don’t know.

I do not mince words and neither will I deny the truth.

I have sought help from the Police more times than I’d care to mention.  And also, from the FBI, lawyers, and various Mayors of the town in which I live and gotten nowhere.

In the seventies, I was an irrational, hysterical woman inventing people following me in order to get attention.   However, the only attention I got was being forced to receive psychiatric treatment that included anti-psychotic medication and being forced to relent my claims of being stalked.   Which caused the family stalking me to ratchet up their stalking.   I was literally being stalked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 365 days of the year.  Everywhere I went!  Even to another state, thousands of miles away!

Image courtesy of the movie Prisoners. *

I lost faith in myself and in my mind.  Then, I lost jobs, goals, friends, and lovers.  Basically, I lost everything that I held dear.  The only thing that stayed, was the stalkers.

In the eighties, I was told I didn’t know how to talk to people.  Or, I had a bad attitude.  Or, I wasn’t a people person.  Every excuse in the book.  But no one ever asked the stalkers, “Why are you guys following that young woman around?”

Everyone seemed to think it was perfectly normal, and amusing, to have a bunch of people following me around.

Well, it wasn’t!  And it still isn’t!

*There’s a line in this movie that most people either ignore or don’t hear and understand.  But, it hit me, a stalking victim) like a ton of bricks.

The line, spoken by the little girl being stalked, went, “My little pink whistle has been missing for a hundred and thirty-three days.”  

This is a child who keeps track of her things.  So, to say she just lost it is ridiculous.   Someone, had been in her room and taken the whistle because is was dear to her.  They took it as a trophy!

Eliza D. Ankum


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