Church Attacks

I know a lot of you were surprised that I did not do a post concerning the Louisiana Churches, Notre Dame, nor the Easter Church Attacks in Sri Lanka.  Continue reading


Happy Easter


Haven’t you ever wondered how and why in a time before cameras, cell phones, and the evening news broadcasts that the people of Judea knew Jesus when they saw him?

Probably, because most Arabs and Jews looked like this:


Looks beige to me.

And Jesus is probably up there, in Heaven, laughing at the knowledge that for him, “we’re ALL colored.”

But anyway, Happy Easter.  Or, as I like to say Hallelujah!  Thank God!  I made it through another Chicago winter.



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You Are An Inheritance


Yesterday, I wrote in a post, Why Me, that the stalkers did not choose me.  Because they didn’t.  I am absolutely 99.9999% sure that this same family of stalkers were stalking my mother.   Read Chapters 1 -7 of my autobiography, STALKED! My Voices. Continue reading

Why Me?

For years, that question has dogged me.  As you can see, I’m not a great beauty.

Why did the stalkers choose me? What did you do? What did you do to them that has made them hate you so much?

Well, up until a few months ago, I, myself, did not know the answer to those questions. Oh, I read lots of on-line texts trying to figure that out. Some of it made sense, in the natural. And some of it was idiocy.

And I have heard every reason, given by the stalkers, and I can say that those reasons are excuses. Nothing more.

1. I She had an abortion. To know that, they would have had to have been following me before that happened.
2. My father jilted their mother (grandmother).
3. My mother bad-mouthed them or was jealous
4. I was a slut
5. I smelled bad
6. I didn’t know how to treat people
7. I was hearing voices other than theirs

Like I said, I’ve heard them all.

But, honestly, I don’t think the stalkers chose me so much as I was thrust upon them, by birth. No, I think God tricked them into choosing me, the writer, not the person.

And the reason I say that is, if it hadn’t been for me, there would be no #MeToo Movement or # TimesUp.

And I’m not saying that to brag on myself. I’m saying that because if God hadn’t tricked them into stalking me, then I would not have written STALKED! By Voices and I never would have sat at my little corner desk in my little apartment with my finger hovering over the send button, asking myself should I do this. What will be the consequences? If I do this and I am imaging the voices, how do I play this off?

And then I heard, “Do You Trust Me?” And it wasn’t the stalkers.
So, after receiving numerous rejections of my book, STALKED! By Voices, I decided to share my book, free of charge, with anyone who dared to read it. That was on December 3, 2011, 2008.

Now what I didn’t see or even understand at the time, was that I was NOT ALONE.  There were other women out there being abused, sexually and verbally harassed, and sexually intimidated and assaulted.  Nor did I understand the secrecy and dirty politics that made it all possible.  But God did.

I didn’t know about The Catholic Priests, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinsten, and Dr. Larry Nassar.   But God did.

All he needed was someone willing to testify and who could write a half way decent post that people would read.

That person was me and That’s why me.


888 393-6646
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STALKED! By Voices

Government Contact emails below:

Kim Foxx Cook County State’s Attorney

Senator Dick Durbin

Congressman Danny K. Davis

Illinois State Representative Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch

Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins

Maywood Police Chief Vladmir Talley